Frequently Asked Questions

1. As certified PCM Professional how can I get access to the APP?

The App is available to trainers in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway, America and Italy. Please contact the local distributor.

If you reside and work in another country, please contact and we’ll contact you by return.

2. Is the APP free for PCM trainers and coaches?

The basic APP is available for free in 2019. Some features such as the live quiz functionality and personal I cloud library will become in-app purchases in the future.

3. Is the APP free for my clients?

No, as PCM professional, you will be invoiced for each app access that you will sell to your clients. Payments are secured and done directly in app, through STRIPE.

4. I am interested to get access to the PCM Net APP, as a client/user. How can I do it?

To get access to the APP as a client/user, you must contact your local PCM trainer/coach.